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Air Bubble Roll

Supplied in rolls, sheets, pouches or bags

Air Bubble Roll Suppliers in Bangalore


Air bubble film is a multi-layer plastic sheet with trapped air bubble. It is shock resistant and water proof packaging material. This material is tenacious printable. It is suitable for packing fragile as well as high glossy items. The bubble sheet for the pink antistatic bubble bag can prevent the product to be damaged during the product handling and transportation period due to collision or static electricity reasons. Such bag is applicable to the packing of general electronic product. The Air Bubble film manufactured by us is useful to wrap on various products like furniture, glass, fragile products and auto parts. The Sandwich Air Bubble Film offer by us is made by various laminated sheets depending on product uses and required thickness. Available in all grades depending upon product's technological and commercial value. It is useful against EPS / EPE packaging by its unique characteristic of grade. All special grades are available in standard sizes or it can be tailored as required by the client.


Air Bubble Sheet / Rolls are available in 500mm, 1mtr, 1.5mtr and 2mtr width . Standard Length of the Roll is 100mtrs and Bubble dia is 10mm . Material is available in various thickness, from 175 guage to 800 guage.

The Benefits of Air Bubble Wrap

Air bubble wrap is the best way to package fragile and heavy items to ensure they will not break or chip. Compared to other cushioning materials, bubble wrap holds its air longer and more consistently. It is also thicker than most cellular cushioning materials, making it stronger and more durable.

Air bubble wrap will also save you money on shipping fragile items. Because you do not need much air bubble wrap to properly secure an item, less material is used to provide better safety and security for the item.

Air bubble wrap also provides some environmental benefits. Not only is it recyclable at many independent recycling centres, but people can use it over and over without it reducing its effectiveness. The fact that less material is used for packaging when you choose bubble wrap also emerges as an environmental benefit.

Manufacturers love air bubble wrap because they have found that when they use it for shipping their products, a much smaller amount of replacements are needed. When using other packaging materials, the number of replacement items is always elevated.

Made From Small Bubbles

Small bubble wrap refers to the fact it is manufactured with small bubbles. Each has a diameter of 10mm and a height of 3mm.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Manufactured using a significant proportion of post consumer recycled material
  • Fully recyclable in any reprocessing facility
  • Fully re-usable with out any fear of degrading
  • Supplied in a plain recycled bag
  • Labels printed on recycled paper, with water based inks
  • Long shelf life, which will not lose performance in normal us