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Archive Storage Boxes

Maximise space with these strong, stackable archive boxes.

Archive Storage Boxes


Low cost and durable, these archive boxes solve your long term-storage needs!


Archive boxes are strong durable corrugated storage boxes with either hand-holes and lift-off or hinged lids. Supplied flat, the boxes are specially made for the safe, dust-free management of records and files.


These environmentally friendly archival boxes are made from top quality 100% recycled materials and are themselves fully recyclable. The storage boxes are easy to handle and keep in shelves or racks and can also quickly be flat-packed again and stored for future use.


Designed to provide a convenient and straightforward storage solution, this range of archival boxes consists of premium, corrugated cases that are ideal for holding both business and personal effects.


For marking the contents of archive boxes, we recommend our range of adhesive coloured tapes. For extra protection and security we have various adhesive tapes, including our warning tapes for fragile goods.


Easy to use with the integral hand-holes and choice of separate and hinged lids, the archive boxes are excellent for storing business records and accessories, such as, paperwork, photos, pamphlets, books, DVDs and CDs. When storing fragile objects, one of our cushioning products should be used inside the archive 


Our stock range of archive boxes is shown below; please contact us to discuss your requirements if you cannot see the exact product you need.

Available Sizes

Code Size Details
ARCHIVE-S 368 x 280 x 254mm Base and Lid
ARCHIVE-L 405 x 318 x 254mm Base and Lid
ARCHIVE-HL 400 x 325 x 254mm Hinged Lid

Box Dimensions

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