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Automatic Strapping Machines

Strap, Bundle Cartons and Boxes Securely and Quickly

An Automatic Strapping Machine allows for a hands free strapping operation which improves production speeds and accuracy rates. The main difference between an Automatic Strapping Machine and a Semi Automatic Strapping Machine is that in an automatic machine you do not have to manually re-feed the strap into the machine before it automatically tensions and seals the strap. The strapping remains in an arch whether it be a vertical or horizontal arch - and you simply place your item into the arch and either press a button or a foot pedal for the machine to automatically feed the strap, tension and seal – all in a 2.5 second operation. The Automatic Strapping Machine has a unique alloy track arch, electronic tension control and Auto Strap feeding.


There are several variations available to suit your requirements from a roller driven or belt driven table for in line use, to the size of the arch and changing the strap speed.


Time Saving, Man Power Saving, Unbreakable Joint, Uniform Tension, Metal Clip Saving, Strap Saving, Low Power Consumption.

Standard Available Heavy Duty Models

Check out the various models and variants and compare the feature and specifications.

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