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Blister Sealing Machines

Blister Sealing Machine Manufacturers in Bangalore

Blister Sealing Machine is applicable to combined paper cards and plastic sheets, such as PVC. PE and PP. It is easy to operate and does not require operator training. It can be used to package toys, stationary, small size tools, among other products in a blister shape.


Our manual rotary type heat sealers are designed for low to medium volume production requirements where floor space is a consideration. These machines may be used for conventional carded blisters, full face blisters and half-clamshell styles as well as applications using Tyvek, foils and other heat sealable lidstock. The standard machines feature one sealing station with the second station used for load/unload.


Our manual rotary heat sealers are designed to include an optional cycle counter to keep track of the number of cycles sealed. Casters are offered that do not change the working height of the machine and make it easy to move from work cell to work cell.

  • Economical for medium volume blister packaging and cellular manufacturing
  • Small footprint conserves floor space
  • Three standard sealing areas offered to accommodate a range of package sizes
  • Quick-change tooling for ease of changeover
  • Heavy-duty industrial design floor model machine


  • Used for blister packaging applications.
  • Pressure Board Area 500×300mm / 20×12in
  • Turntable Dia (mm /in) φ1000mm / φ40in
  • Package Height max 150mm / 6in
  • Max Conveyor Loading 110kg / 242lbs

Other Specifications

  • Voltage AC220V 60 Hz
  • Power 1500W
  • Dimensions (L×W×H) mm 1000×1200×1410
  • Dimensions (L×W×H) in 40×48×56.4
  • Weight (kg / Lbs) 150kg / 330lbs