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Cardboard Postal Tubes

Complete with end plugs, fantastic discounts.

Cardboard Postal Tubes Bangalore

Strong, economical protection ideal for posting or storing rolled documents and long fragile objects.


This range of postal tubes with end plugs provides 17 stock sizes of cardboard packaging tube suitable for seven standard paper sizes. Other tubes and end caps can be made to customers’ requirements. Tube posters are robust, economical and lightweight, ideal for the safe shipping or storage of any rollable documents or papers including calendars, plans, charts and prints. These strong cardboard tubes are environmentally friendly, being reusable, recyclable and made from recycled materials.


Postal tubes are quick and easy to use while offering all-round protection and security to the contents, thanks to the plastic end caps which fit tightly.

Aside from securing documents in the post or storage, packaging tubes also give documents a classy, presentable finish. They are a vital packing solution in many workplaces and industries where important documents need to be dispatched or stored.

Unlike using envelopes, which means that fold marks are often left on documents, cardboard postal tubes maintain the quality of the contents while keeping them sealed. These robust cardboard tubes are suitable for anything that can be safely rolled, such as maps, posters, architectural plans, prints and important or valuable documents. The ends of the packaging tubes have white plastic plugs, which are specifically made to snap home tightly and keep the contents inside the tube.

These postal tubes are available in many different sizes, catering for paper sizes from A0 to B2. To use them, simply roll the document into the cardboard tube and snap on the plastic plugs. The stock sizes of postal tube shown are overall length x internal diameter x wall thickness. For the usable length deduct 1" to allow for the plugs.

Available Sizes

Code Tube Dimensions
(Length x Dia x Thickness)
CPT350 350 x 76 x 3 mm
CPT550 550 x 76 x 3 mm
CPT750 750 x 76 x 3 mm
CPT1000 1046 x 76 x 3mm

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