Packaging Material Suppliers in Bangalore

Coloured Stretch Film

Make identifying your pallet easy with our coloured pallet wrap.

Coloured Stretch Film Suppliers in Bangalore

Our Coloured Stretch Film not only keeps your pallets protected and secure, but also allows you to clearly identify products. The opaque film renders the contents of the pallet unviewable after only a few wraps. Supplied in boxes of six rolls straight from stock with same day dispatch on most orders.


If you have 2 or 3 different drops to do on one lorry then using red pallet wrap with a different colour, such as clear or black, for each drop can give clear, visual information to the driver of which pallets are together. This reduces the chance of a pallet getting split from the rest and having to be redelivered thereby saving time, money and the environment.


Available in white, blue, red and green.


  • Identify pallets easily with coloured pallet wrap
  • Quickly wrap, protect and secure your palletised loads
  • Reliable wrapping and stretch performance
  • Self sealing coloured blown stretch film
  • Protects against pilferage and provides additional security
  • Up to15% discount available when you buy in bulk