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Continuous Band Sealer Spare Parts

Continuous Band Sealer Spare Parts

Spare parts for continuous band sealers vary by manufacturer and model. Most parts are interchangeable, but not 100%.

For example:

  • FR-580 with DBF-580
  • FR-800 with DBF-900
  • FR-880 with FRB-770 with CBS-880
  • HL-M810 with FRM-810
  • FRM-1100C with FRM-1120C

Let us know if you cannot find the part you are looking for.  We will do our best to find an interchangeable part.

  • Sealing Belt and Driving/Guide Belt
    Band Sealer Consumable Parts: Sealing Belts and Driving Belts
  • Hot Ink Roller Refills
    Ink Rollers (Black, Blue, Red, and Yellow) 15mm and 30mm
  • Heating Element, Heating Block and Cooling Blocks
    Sealing Spare Parts: Heating Elements, Heating Blocks, and Cooling Blocks
  • Fan, Motor, Turbo Case, Gear
  • Letter Type Set, O-ring, Silicone Pin and Pad
    Printing Spare Parts: Letter Set, O-Ring, Silicone Pin, and Pad
  • Temperature Controller, PCB, Circuit Box, and Relay
  • Switch, Carbon Brush, Guide, Rubber Foot, and more
  • Wheels-Driving, Printing, Pressing, Driven, Guide and Embossing
  • Conveyor Belt, and Parts
    continuous band sealer parts, conveyor belt