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Continuous Band Sealing Machines

Quick and effective closure of polythene bags and layflat tubing.

Continuous Band Sealing Machines

Band Sealers are used for increasing production speeds in semi automatic bag sealing applications, where automation is not possible. They securely seal a large range of bag materials by creating a wide seal of superior strength and appeal.


Sealer operation is extremely simple as the operator needs only to feed bags into the machine. The filled bags rest on a motorized conveyor belt while the top of the bag is carefully guided through the seal process by Teflon Bands. Band Sealers are designed to seal any thermoplastic material, including Polyethylene, Polypropylene, and laminations containing foils, such as those used to package coffee, or those that reduce electrostatic charge used to package electronic components.


Most sealers are available with hot roll or hot stamping printing coders, and a choice of powder coated metal alloys or stainless steel construction.

FRB 770 Series Continuous Band Sealers

The FRB 770 Series Continuous Band Sealers are industrial-grade machines designed for light-duty applications. They will seal bags made with thermoplastic materials including laminations, PE and BOPP. These versatile machines offer several adjustments which allow them to be used for a wide range of applications.

Typical products being packaged with these units include Aggregates, Coffee, Chemicals, Spices, Soaps, Sauces, Snacks, Cookies, Chocolates, Cereals, Dyes, Grains, Pet Food, Pastas, Pastries, Flours, Parts, Tortillas, Vegetables, etc. These Band Sealers can be converted for horizontal or vertical operation, and include integrated embossing coders and motorized conveyors. Read below for more specifications.

There are three models, including horizontal model (FRB-770I), vertical model (FRB-770II) and console model (FRB-770III)


  • Seals any Termosealable Material, Including PE, PP and Laminates
  • Embossing Coder Included
  • Dual Orientation (Can be Converted to a Vertical Band Sealer)
  • Simple to Use - Minimal Operator Training
  • Rugged Powder Coated All-Metal Construction
  • Fast Warm-Up Time
  • Power 650 Watts
  • Seal Width .35 Inches (9mm)
  • Speed:  0  16 mt/min  (0  52.5 ft/min)
  • Conveyor Height (from center of sealing belt) 150 to 270mm (6 inches to 10.6 inches)
  • Sealing Method - Constant Heat
  • One pair of Bronze Sealing Bars
  • Teflon®-Type Belts
  • Motorized Rubber Conveyor with Speed Control
  • Knurled Pressure Rolls with Variable Pressure Adjustment
  • Temperature Control: 0 - 300°C (572°F)
  • One pair of Bronze Cooling Bars with Forced-air Cooling.
  • Pressure Embossing  Printing Coder
  • Equipped with Emergency Push Button

Technical Specifications

  FRB-770I FRB-770II FRB-770III
Voltage (V/Hz) AC 220/50 110/60
Power (W) 50
Sealing Power (W) 300×2
Sealing Speed (m/min) 0-12 (0-16)
Sealing Width (mm) 8 10
Temperature Range (  ) 0-300
Printing Type Steel wheel for embossing printing (optional)
Distance From
Sealing Center
Conveyor Table (mm)
10-40 150-270 10-40
Conveyor Table Size
(L×W) (mm)
Conveyor Loading
For Single Package (kg) 
Conveyor Loading
External Dimensions
(L×W×H) (mm)
840×380×320 840×380×550 840×550×800
Net Weight (kg) 32 37 40