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Corrugated Cardboard Sheets

Cardboard Sheets Bangalore

Our corrugated cardboard sheets, sold 20 per pack, are made from lightweight, clean single wall corrugated cardboard which can be recycled. Each of the 125 grade cardboard sheets are approx 3mm thick. They can be easily cut to fit any size and used for postal corrugated wraps. Gives a protective layer which acts as a shock absorber.


  • Multi-use and convenient - Our single wall corrugated board is ideal in the home or workplace, for protecting packages, for arts, crafts and modelling; easy to store, clean to handle.
  • Cost-effective - Twenty generous-sized 30 x 40ins sheets of low-cost brown cardboard, easy to cut to the size required, lightweight for postage and can be reused.
  • Versatile packaging solution - Shock-absorbing material, protects from scratches, keeps artwork flat in envelopes and is great as separators or layering pads in boxes.
  • Industrial application - Corrugated cardboard sheeting can be used to stabilise pallets and improve stacking of products.
  • Reliable delivery - Professionally packed and dispatched without delay.

Dimensions: 650 mm x 1 meter (width x length)