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Corrugated Pallets

Light weight pallets for an easy export solution.

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Many countries have now introduced stricter import regulations on the use of wooden pallets. One requirement is these pallets must now be fumigated. This process is not only expensive but also imposes time restrictions on when the pallets can be used by. Our heavy duty corrugated cardboard pallets have at least the equivalent load bearing capacity as wooden pallets, but are easier to handle during the packing process and furthermore reduce transportation costs due the low weight of the material.


All of our corrugated pallets are made from 100% recyclable materials and the glue used to assemble the components is non hazardous and odourless. Nails and splinters are also a thing of the past, items which were known to cause damage to products packed on wooden pallets.


One of India’s leading cardboard manufacturers tested the strength of these pallets and proved the different types of designs available had load bearing capacities ranging from 750kg to over 4 tonne! The extraordinary strength of these pallets is down to two key areas, quality of material and ingenuity of design. Such is the brilliant design of these pallets, the structural components and manufacturing process were awarded patents.


As you can see from the pictures, these pallets can be designed to accommodate pallet jacks. Pallets can also be designed with 2 or 4 way entry points depending on your requirements. In addition safe rackable pallets are available eliminating the need for hiring expensive wooden pallets for warehousing.


One of the biggest advantages of our corrugated pallet is that it can be made in almost any size you require, and quickly. If a customer has a specific design requirement it can be made and delivered within days! You tell us your size and load requirements and we’ll design a pallet to meet your needs.


To give you an example of the strength of material a standard 1100mm x 1100mm corrugated pallet pictured above weighs 6kg. Its tested load bearing capacity is 1 tonne but we put 2 tonne of desiccants on top and there were no structural weaknesses to be found. So you can be extremely confident that the recommended capacities will deliver day in day out.


Best of all our corrugated pallets are priced comparatively with wooden pallets and much lower than plastic pallets!

Benefits of Corrugated Pallets

  • Made from 100% recyclable materials
  • Light in weight
  • Efficiency and ease of handling
  • Can be custom made to almost any size and shape
  • Less than half the weight of wooden pallets
  • Fully recyclable
  • HACCP friendly

Standard Available Sizes

Size (mm) Entry Dynamic
1219 x 812 x 120 4 way 1 ton (uniform) 3 ton (uniform) 7 kg
1200 x 1000 x 125 4 way 1 ton (uniform) 3 ton (uniform) 8 kg