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The V-457 is a mid-sized industrial-grade countertop vacuum packaging machine. It’s equipped with a heavy duty oil-filled rotary vacuum pump, a dual bar wide-seal sealing system, and a modified atmosphere gas injection system. Its chamber size allows it to be used of a wide variety of applications, as it can hold products of larger proportions.


Typical customers of the V-457 include restaurants, food retailers, supermarkets, meat and fish packagers, cheese manufacturers, and specialty product manufacturers.


  • Extremely easy to operate.
  • All clear Mylar chamber lid.
  • Rugged all stainless steel chassis
  • Table top model, mounted on anti-slip rubber stands.
  • All areas in contact with product made with teflon® or stainless steel
  • Equipped with modified atmosphere gas injection system.
  • Equipped with two sealing bars with one extra wide seal element.
  • Distance between parallel sealing bars 13 inches (330 mm).
  • Impulse sealing system with three temperature settings. (Low, Medium and High).
  • Seal height 0.393 inches (10 mm).
  • Seal width 20 1/2 inches (520 mm).
  • Equipped with vacuum gauge for vacuum level indication.
  • Lid fastener for machine storage or transportation.
  • Equipped with hose fitting for inert gas insertion. Fitting diameter 0.315 inches (8 mm)
  • Heat element width (0.15 mm / 0.0059 inches)

Chamber Dimensions

  • Length: 22 inches (559 mm)
  • Width: 20 inches (508 mm)
  • Height: 71/2 inches (190 mm)

Digital Control Panel

  • High contrast LED alphanumeric display.
  • Triple seal temperature adjustment with four positions: Off, low, medium and high.
  • Programmable vacuum duration (in seconds).
  • Impulse seal time adjustment (in fractions of a second).
  • Gas flush adjustment (in fractions of a second) for inert gas insertion.
  • Cooling time adjustment (in fractions of a second), decreases the risk of seal breach by allowing the bag to regain strength after seal cycle.
  • Main disconnective switch.
  • Internal main breaker for general electrical protection.

Vacuum Pump Specifications

  • Maximum vacuum pressure 100 Pa
  • Pump's exhaust Volume in 20 m3/h.
  • Direct driving with no belts or gears
  • Air-Cooling system
  • Oil volume 1/2 liter
  • Built-in oil moisture eliminator.
  • Low vibration

Machine Includes

  • One spare parts kit containing: 
    Two replacement heating element.
    Two replacement silicon flexible bar.
    Two pump seals
    Replacement teflon® film.
    Double sided adhesive tape replacement.
    Oil filling bottle
  • One vacuum pump oil container (500 ml).
  • Operations manual.

Other Specifications

  • Voltage 100 VAC / 60Hz
  • Vacuum Pump Power 1 KW (1.34 HP)
  • Seal Power: 750W Max (With temperature selector set to high and both bars heating)