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Custom Foam Packaging

Custom Foam Packaging Solutions Bangalore

Total Pack has the capability to manufacture custom foam packaging cushions, and custom foam boxes using Instapak components. Outstanding cushioning performance and minimal tooling costs provide an opportunity to have a truly cost effective engineered packaging solution, using custom foam boxes. With the Instapak premolding process, custom cushions are created for virtually any product type or shape. Engineered Instapak foam cushions are designed to your product specifications, tested and approved, and then manufactured at Total Pack's AZ facility. Instapak cushioning foam and foam-in-place packaging truly sets the standard in excellent product protection. Whatever your product, Total Pack has a cost effective Instapak foam cushioning solution for your companies needs. Custom Foam Packaging has innovative foam-in-place and custom foam techniques and custom foam boxes to keep even your most delicate object safe and sound during any move.

At Total Pack, our custom foam boxes and creations are exactly what they sounds like: liquid foam is set into the bottom of a box or crate, and your wrapped object is then placed into this pliable foam. The foam expands around your delicate item, encircling and surrounding it. The foam then hardens into a perfectly shaped custom foam encasement, assuring your piece a secure move anywhere around the world. At Total Pack, custom foam boxes are our specialty! We have become experts in this exciting packing technique and protecting your products. Our packaging experts can take all the guesswork out packaging with a foam-in -place packing foam system that wraps your most expensive and fragile objects in a safe, built-to-fit cocoon of tough Styrofoam.

Foam-in-Place Packaging

At Total Pack we create foam-in-place , moldings to secure and protect Your item foam-in-place can be used either to package “one-time” items, or for the creation of custom foam forms that you can use to package recurring production items. Creating foam-in-place moldings for recurring production pieces is when you have specific production items that you need to secure and ship on a regular basis.

At Total Pack, we can create a packaging assembly and custom foam boxes that allow you to fit your pieces in, without having to either buy the foam-in-place equipment, or have to come to our offices every time you need to ship an item. This will allow you to save time, while having a custom packaging and custom foam boxes to secure your items. We create a “wooden” model of your piece and create a custom foam box. We use these models to mold the Foam-in-Place to custom fit your piece. At Total Pack, we then create the complete packaging assembly for your production items, by packaging the item in custom foam boxes then shipping it to your customer.