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Disposable Cutlery

It’s more than just your food, it’s your reputation.

It’s fair to say that disposable cutlery used to have a somewhat bad reputation as being a cheap and tacky way of eating food, used mainly for children’s parties.  However this reputation has well and truly disappeared, and now it is quite rightly regarded as a genuinely convenient method of eating.  At Total Pack we provide customers with the ultimate in convenient, reliable and functional catering equipment for all occasions.


Disposable cutlery is now being used for parties and conferences, in chip shops, by people who take their dinners into work or eat on the go, as well as people enjoying a barbecue with friends and family.  There are many reasons why people and companies are turning to disposable cutlery and plates.  Firstly the sheer ease with which disposable cutlery can be stored and disposed of makes them hugely desirable, (we know how it feels to wash up after a party, think how much better you’ll feel knowing that this could be a thing of the past).  If you add this to the highly functional nature of disposable cutlery and the many different uses and occasions with which they can be used, you’re onto a winner.



They are also an affordable method of getting the job done.  You don’t really want to risk using your best china and cutlery sets for large gatherings for fear of breakages.  Disposable cutlery doesn’t break but performs the exact same function, meaning you can enjoy a stress free occasion.


At Total Pack we have a complete range of disposable cutlery, paper plates, plate holders, pizza tables and stirrers that will liven up and accommodate any party.    With the ability to deliver exactly what you need, when you need it, we are a company that prides itself on delivering a service every bit as convenient and effective as our products.

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