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Double Sided Foam Tapes

Secure labels and bond materials with instant double-sided foam tape.

Foam Tape Suppliers in Bangalore


Double sided foam packaging tape is ideal for fixing labels to boxes, or signage to shelving. It creates a strong and durable bond without the need to wait for drying. And whether you are looking to stick paper and cardboard together, or securely mount point of sale on glass, metal or wood, we offer a double-side tape to match. 

For everyday use in the office or the warehouse, order our versatile polypropylene tape that reliably bonds paper, board and wood. For sticking objects to plastic, metal, fabric or glass, choose durable white double sided tape that resists aging, UV and temperature. This creates a long-lasting, strong bond that can withstand the elements and can be used outside.


For external use, we provide acrylic-backed tapes that are highly durable, resistant to UV and have exceptional ageing qualities. For internal use, our rubber-backed double-sided foam tape is ideal for lower surface energies, and also provides excellent sound and vibration dampening.

Benefits of Double Sided Foam Tapes

  • Excellent stress distribution
  • Bonding over irregular surfaces
  • Sound and vibration dampening
  • Bonding over holes and voids
  • Specific tapes for high wet-grab
  • Specific tapes for high performance bonding on mirrors
  • UV resistant