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Grip Seal Polythene Bags

Resealable plastic bags with a “grip seal” for easy opening and closing.

Grip Seal Polythene Bags

Medium Duty Grip Seal Bags

These resealable polythene bags are quick and convenient to use. Simply squeeze to seal the bag.

Widely used in industry, warehousing, hardware stores, kraft shops and airport security etc. These general purpose bags are made from strong 40 - 45 micron / 160 - 180 gauge polythene, with a snap–close self-seal channel.

Available as clear plain bags, or with a write-on panel for quick labelling and identification of contents.

  • Quick and easy bagging and sealing
  • No need for bag neck sealer or heat sealer
  • Made from high quality clear polythene
  • Strong and resealable over and over again

Available Sizes

SL No Size (mm) Pack Quantity Heavy Duty Polythene Layflat Tubing
Heavy Duty Grip Seal Bags
1 100 x 137 500
2 112 x 112 500
3 125 x 187 500
4 137 x 137 500
5 150 x 225 500

Heavy Duty Grip Seal Bags

Made from thick 85 micron / 350 gauge polythene, these tough resealable polythene bags are burst, puncture and tear resistant. Quick and easy to seal, with a snap–close self-seal channel, and can be re–opened and sealed time and time again.

  • Durable, heavy duty grip seal bags
  • Ideal for heavier and irregular items, powders and liquids
  • No need for bag neck sealers, heat sealers or bag ties
  • Made from high quality, durable 85 micron polythene

Available Sizes

SL No Size (mm) Pack Quantity Heavy Duty Grip Seal Bags
Heavy Duty Grip Seal Bags
1 125 x 205 500
2 180 x 225 500
3 205 x 305 500
4 230 x 355 500
5 255 x 455 500