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Induction Sealing Machines

Induction Sealers Seal Aluminum Laminated Lining to the top (bunghole) of plastic containers. This lining consists of several layers of materials typically one metallic layer over a thermoplastic layer. When the container is positioned next to an active induction head, one or more induction coils excite the metallic molecules of the metallic layer. This ultrahigh frequency vibration causes the metal layer to heat up, which in turn melts the thermoplastic layer of the lining causing it to fuse to the top of the container. This seal is hermetic and impermeable to gases. In effect the lining becomes part of the container.

From this point on nothing enters or exits the container until the lining is punctured. For this reason induction sealers are used widely thought many industries. The process is extremely simple, and can be accurately repeated time after time.

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