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Heavy Duty Manual Stacker

Load Lifting Capacity: 1000 Kg

Maini Manual Stackers

Our Hydraulic manual Stackers make moving, lifting, loading and unloading simpler and quicker. Total Pack offer rugged and reliable stackers. Manual pallet stackers are a step up from the traditional pallet truck and take the burden out of lifting pallets as well as moving them. They are an economical alternative to a forklift truck and - because of their smaller size and weight - can be used in smaller spaces. Ideal for warehousing and light manufacturing applications.

The Total Pack Manual Stackers is light, sturdy and maneuverable stacker. Its compact design and small turning radius makes it ideal for operations in narrow aisles, mezzanines and busy gangways. Prefect for operations where lifting is primary and transport distance is short.


  • Light, Study and Maneuverable stacker
  • Compact design and small turning radius makes it deal for operations in arrow aisles, mezzanines and busy gangways
  • Perfect for operations where lifting is primary and transport distance in short

Engineering Excellence

  • Operator comfort: An economical lift to handle tasks from transporting dies, moulds, skids and pallets. It allows the operator to work without having to perform extreme body movements.
  • Easy maintenance: Sealed bearings need no maintenance.

Technical Specifications

Heavy Duty Model
Lift Height h3 1600 2450
Lowered Height h1 2000 1780
Raised Height h4 2000 2920
Fork Dimension 1150 x 560
Support Nylon (2) 180 x 50 mm
Load Nylon (2) 82 x 70 mm
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