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The handhold electromagnetic induction sealing machine is uses the electromagnetic induction the principle, the prompt generation time high fever the aluminum thin slice fusion in the seal, gets up moisture-proof, antidrip, seal effects and extension preservation cycle and so on mold proofing goal. Widely applies in the pharmaceutical industry, the agriculture. Lubricating oil, profession and so on cosmetics seal packing!


For use on Plastic and/or Glass containers with Flat Threaded Caps. Hand-held Operation. Extremely Simple to Use. Easily Relocated to where its needed in the Packaging Area.


  • Low cost and easy operation

  • Suitable for induction sealing operation of non-metal, plastic or glass bottle mouth with thread

  • Applied in sealing working of discontinuous samll or medium manufacture or not being conveyed by belt

  • Cannot work for a long time in adverse environment,severe PH,high humidity, heavy dust, in insecticide factory or beverage plant

Standard Available Heavy Duty Models

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Manual Induction Sealer
20 - 100 mm
Manual Induction Sealer
60 - 130 mm