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Medium Duty Shrink Tunnel

Shrink Tunnel Machine Manufacturers

Shrink Wrap Tunnels, heat and circulate air around products wrapped with shrink films. Their air handling systems generate air turbulence around the whole object for uniform film shrinkage. These powerful units can manage mid to high production schedules and will speed up any shrink packaging process simply and efficiently.


The length of the shrink process is reduced to mere seconds as several products can be shrunk simultaneously. L-Type Sealers combined with Heat Shrink Tunnels reach the highest packaging speeds and make the best looking products. Operator involvement is reduced as machines do more of the work.


  • Simple to Use Minimal Operator Training
  • Rugged All-Metal Construction
  • Quick Warm-Up Time
  • High-Density Roll-Type Conveyor
  • Conveyor Speed Regulator
  • Conveyor height from floor 32-34 Inches (812 -864 mm) 
  • Conveyor Speed (0-12 m/min)
  • Air temperature control 0° to 392° F (0° to 200° C)
  • Silicone covered conveyor rollers

Control Panel

  • Main Power Switch.
  • Heat System ON/OFF Switch.
  • Heat System Indicator Light.
  • Air System ON/OFF Switch.
  • Air System Indicator Light.
  • Air Temperature Controller.
  • Electronic Conveyor Speed Controller.
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Control Panel Mounted Ammeter. (Shows operating line current)
  • Conveyor Roller Length 14 1/2" ( mm)
  • Rolling casters tunnel height fine tune adjustable base (2 Inch Range)

Tunnel Path Dimensions

  • Length - 40 Inches (1016 mm)
  • Width - 17 1/2 Inches (457 mm)
  • Height - 10 Inches (254 mm)

Other Specifications

  • Work Efficiency:  2000-3000 Packages Per Hour
  • Voltage: 220V / 3Ph / 60Hz
  • Power:  9 KW / Max 30 Amps per Line