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Paper Tubes And Cores

Very cost effective, lightweight and versatile. Made from 100% recycled waste paper.

Paper Core Manufacturers in Bangalore

If you're looking for choice on paper tubes and cores, then we're what you're looking for. We have the India's largest range of mandrel sizes and finishing equipment for both spiral and convolute tubes. With our focus on continuous investment in equipment and people we are able to offer the highest possible quality and finish.


Whether you're in need of unique paper tubes and core designs or something off the shelf, we have the paper tubes and cores that you're looking for. We supply customers from small upcoming businesses to worldwide organisations who use our paper tubes and cores for many purposes including packaging right through to advanced electronics.


We understand that your company relies on our products. Customers who get value for money come back again and again. That's why we know that once you try us, you'll continue using us for your paper tube needs. We offer the best possible service and delivery and we know our reputation depends on it.


Our versatile and innovative production facilities are positioned across the India to serve a wide range of customers in the Paper, Film, Flexible Packaging, Construction, Textile, Metal, Flooring, Carpet, Automotive and Industrial markets. Known well for its pioneering, solution-based ability and outstanding levels of service and supply, Total Pack is your First Choice for sustainable packaging products.

Paper Mill Cores

Paper Tubes Bangalore

Total Pack provides a complete line of paper cores specifically designed for the exacting requirements of the pulp and paper industry, which include unbleached and bleached paperboard, printing and writing papers, tissue and toweling, newsprint, recycled paperboard, pulp and other specialty and industrial grades of paper and paperboard. Similar cores are also utilized by paper converting operations. Total Pack’s experience and technological advances work together to meet the diverse core needs for all pulp and paper applications. The full range of core sizes and features make Total Pack an industry leader. Consistent quality, manufacturing excellence, superior customer service and our ability to meet unique needs ensure total customer satisfaction. Total Pack provides pre-cut cores for paper mills; that deliver lower overall costs and improve mill operations through reductions in mill labor, reductions in working capital, reductions in equipment maintenance and repair and elimination of core trim waste. Using a just-in-time delivery system, Total Pack has demonstrated the value of it.

Textile Paper Tubes

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Total Pack provides a complete line of paper tubes and cores for all aspects of the textile industry, from the manufacture of synthetic yarn, the manufacture of tufted carpets, the manufacture of woven or knitted textiles, the manufacture of nonwoven goods and the dyeing and finishing of textile fabrics. Years of textile experience make Total Pack Yarn Carriers the superior choice for virtually all yarn and fiber processing systems. End use applications include high-speed spinning of synthetic filament yarn, BCF carpet yarn, textured yarn, extruded fiberglass filament, various industrial yarns and other synthetic fiber production. Yarn carriers are custom designed for each customer, and are available with a multitude of colored outer ply options, embossed surfaces, tailing grooves, transfer rings, notches, scores, burnished ends and a variety of other customer-specific requirements. Total Pack’s Cloth Tubes are available as either convolute or spiral-wound construction. The convolute-wound cloth tube provides the most cost effective alternative, providing exceptional beam strength at minimal tube weight. Spiral-wound constructions provide exceptional crush strength when required due to packaging and/or handling considerations. Total Pack’s carpet cores offer consistently outstanding performance; including superior beam strength with proprietary strength-enhancing adhesives, and NMFC certification at minimum core weight resulting in a reduced incidence of carpet roll damage. Total Pack also supplies Star-Swage inserts for securing the carpet overwrap inside the core.

Film and Flexible Packaging Cores

Paper Core Suppliers in Bangalore

Total Pack provides cores to manufacturers of stretch, shrink, polypropylene, metalized, PVC, polyester and other specialty films, as well as converters of flexible packaging and foils. Total Pack’s Film Cores are specifically designed for each end-use application. Film cores are available with a variety of strength characteristics (flat and radial crush). Total Pack film cores are available in parent lengths or can be precut to shorter lengths as typically used by manufacturers of stretch film. Total Pack’s TP Series of film cores are designed for those customers who require a seamless/coated/polished surface that provides exceptional smoothness characteristics for minimizing surface marking. In addition, TP cores provide improved winding and unwinding performance. TP cores are typically used with thin gauge films and foils. Total Pack’s experience and technological advances work together to meet the diverse core needs for all film and flexible packaging applications. The full range of core sizes and features make Total Pack an industry leader. Consistent quality, manufacturing excellence, superior customer service and our ability to meet unique needs ensure total customer satisfaction.

Tape and Label Cores

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Total Pack offers a wide variety of paper tubes and cores for the tape and label industries. All orders of tape and label cores are custom made to the customer's exact specifications. Attributes of tape and label cores include: Custom logo-printed inside liners Variety of specialty outer plies Blade cut to exacting lengths Tight dimensional tolerances Elimination of trim waste Variety of packaging options, from cartons to automatic core feeders.

Specialty Tubes and Cores

Total Pack produces a wide range of products for a diverse variety of end-use applications and markets. In addition, Total Pack can custom design products that meet unique customer needs. Some examples of Total Pack’s specialty tubes and cores: Explosive Placement Casings developed specifically for the lime rock aggregate industry and other mining applications. These products are made with proprietary raw materials that allow the casings to maintain their physical integrity while being exposed to ground water for extended periods of time. Automotive Dampers designed and engineered specifically for providing sound attenuation in drive shafts for the automotive industry. Turf Tubes specifically designed for the packing of rolled grass sod products. Mailing and Shipping Tubes used for packaging and providing shipping protection for a host of products such as steel rods, plastic extrusions, wood moldings, overhead doors, etc. Gift Wrap Tubes used by manufacturers of gift wrap and other similar retail rolled goods. Furniture Forms are convolute-wound tubes that are available in a variety of non-round shapes and dimensions, typically used as components in the manufacture of furniture, tables and stools. Forms can be designed for other unique and specific end-use applications which require a non-round shape.