Packaging Material Suppliers in Bangalore

Postal Boxes

For a wide variety of postal packaging requirements, choose from our range of reliable postal packaging products. Made from quality, strong and durable materials, yet economically lightweight, they are designed especially to provide security and product protection whether in transit or storage.


We have a variety of postal packaging supplies available for different business postal packing needs, and many of these packing solutions are invaluable for warehouse and industry applications. Securely send products in the post with our postal packaging products, which have superb protective characteristics to ensure the safety of items while they are shipped or transported.


These postal packaging supplies include neat book and DVD mailers, postal tubes for documents which can be rolled, such as maps and calendars, and foam-lined postal boxes and cushioning for fragile items. Our padded bags and polythene mailing bags are not just convenient packaging materials but also are presentable packing solutions. Use one of our twines to achieve a smart fastening on your packages.


For mailing fragile goods, such as electronic components, foam-lined cartons, Mail Lite padded bags and cushioned mailers are good packing solutions. For protecting larger items, Instapak is the way to make instantly made protective foam cushions for boxes.


Sturdy and strong book mailers cater for the publishing industry, keeping books in place and away from damage. Our self-seal polythene mailing bags are not just lightweight but versatile too, and are available in many sizes and different colours to suit specific packing requirements.


For dispatching CDs and DVDs, the disc mailers are a highly convenient and protective packaging, while the postal tubes are the perfect solution for sending posters and calendars.