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PP / PET Strap Sealer

Excellent value PP / PET tensioner tool for general use.

PET Strapping Tool Manufacturers

Featuring hardened steel jaws for long-lasting use, our poly strapping sealer tool is used to strap and secure large boxes or cartons as well as bundles and crates. Ideal for every busy packing department or warehouse, this sealing tool is manufactured with full-length chrome steel handled sealing jaws that allow maximum seal strength to be achieved with minimum physical effort. It can be used to seal 12mm standard or heavy duty semi-open seals.


The banding sealing tool is easy and safe to use. It is suitable for heavy duty applications and should be used in conjunction with our tensioner tool.


A major concern of those working in warehouses or in packing departments is the security of packages, particularly cardboard carton boxes and palletised loads. Our polypropylene strapping sealer tool is an essential piece of packaging equipment as it provides a solution to this problem. Used with closed or semi-open seals, the banding sealing tool makes up a part of the two-part strapping sealing system. It is applied after the tensioner tool has already been used to tighten the plastic or poly strapping around your loads or cardboard boxes.


Aside from durability, the sealer tool’s long handles with excellent grip ensure the product’s safety and manageability. It is flexible enough to be used either vertically or horizontally, and provides maximum seal strength for your products without the operator having to exert too much effort. Use the sealer tool to secure our large single-walled or double-walled corrugated boxes or to strap bundles and crates.


Give your packages a professional finish while securing them for transit or storage with our poly strapping sealer tool.


These standard all metal polyprop strapping sealers feature long handles with grips for easy and safe seal closure and can be used either horizontally or vertically. Available in two models to suit either 12mm, 16mm or 19mm strapping widths and suitable for general duty packaging, bundling and box sealing applications.


  • Models to suit 12mm, 16mm and 19mm strapping widths
  • Ideal for most packaging applications and continuous use
  • Strap and secure large cardboard boxes, crates and bundles
  • Perfect for securing pallets for professional presentation
  • Use with a polyprop tensioner tool and closed or semi-open seals
  • The essential packaging tool for every busy warehouse
  • Great value general duty polyprop strapping sealer tool
  • Big range of polypropylene strapping and tools for same day despatch.