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PP / PET Strap Tensioner

Excellent value PP / PET tensioner tool for general use.

PET Strapping Manual Tools

Light weight and economical tensioner with ball bearing and oilless bearings in handle and base.


For 12mm - 19 mm PP and PET strapping.


Strapping tensioner tools are used in a two-part strapping system in conjunction with a sealer tool. The tensioning tool is used first to tighten the strapping around the product being packaged, then the sealer is used to apply high leverage to crimp the metal seal over the strapping.


This economy PP / PET strapping tensioner represents great value and is a handy tool to have around any warehouse for tightening strapping around pallets and cardboard boxes to improve stability. Ideal for general use in many varied packaging applications with polyprop strapping up to 16mm wide. Simply feed the polypropylene strapping in to the capstan and crank the handle to tension.


  • Great value plastic strapping tensioner
  • Essential item for every warehouse
  • Ideal for light to regular use
  • Tensions PP/PET strapping up to 16mm
  • Use with a sealer tool or buckles
  • Secure pallets for professional presentation and reduced damage
  • Big range of polypropylene strapping and tools for immediate despatch
  • Low cost, great value standard polypropylene strapping tensioner