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Sandwich Boxes

It’s more than just your food, it’s your reputation.

Sandwiches remain the single most popular lunch time snack in the Bangalore, so it is little surprise that many professional caterers have their own custom and freshly made ranges. No matter how good the ingredients though, it is vital that the sandwiches retain their freshness until the customer is ready to enjoy them. This makes sandwich packaging a vital consideration.


At Alliance Online we have an extensive range of sandwich packaging for the catering industry, which includes cartonboard as well as PVC wedges and hinged packs. With a number of Snack Seal systems too, it is possible to deliver customers their favourite lunch in the tastiest way.

Cardboard Sandwich Packaging

The perfect choice for those in the catering industry looking to offer a greener service to their customer, cartonboard sandwich wedges are FSC certified and environmentally 'aware'. Available in a range of sizes, for standard, deep and triple filled sandwiches, they also come in a number of different colours.

To make things easier for the customer, they have simple to operate rear locking tabs, which is also perfect for quickly loading the carton. Designed for single one day use only, caterers own labels can simply be added, to tempt customers with freshly made fillings.

PVC Sandwich Packaging

Basic PVC sandwich wedges are perfect for cost-effectively presenting freshly made sandwiches to customers. With easy fill loading tabs on each one, they are available in standard, deep and triple fill sizes. With a platter presentation also available, the clear PVC is perfect for customers to fully see the product.

Another great option are PVC hinged sandwich packs, which are available in a range of sizes that include shallow and deep roll boxes, bagel and baguette boxes, and a tortilla wrap. Ideal for freshly made sandwiches, the easy to use snap down hinged lid allows customers to save the product for eating a little later.

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