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Scissor Hand Pallet Truck
Lifting Capacity: 1000 Kg

Move, pull, lift, or push cargo effortlessly and securely.

Scissor Hand Pallet Truck Bangalore

The Scissor Hand Pallet Truck is ideal for working alongside production machines where the lift height can be adjusted to ensure the operator never has to bend to handle loads. Also perfect for lifting loads to the floor height of vans so loads can be slid in and out more easily. When the forks are lifted above 400mm the high lift hand pallet truck automatically jacks its wheels off the ground for stability and safety to prevent loads being pushed around elevated.


The Scissor Hand Pallet Truck combines the advantage of the hand pallet truck and the adjustable work table. The pallet can be positioned at the desired height while working. The SHP enables the operator to move the pallet truck upon completion of work. A battery version is also available.


The Scissor Hand Pallet Truck is the manual scissor lift pallet truck with 1000kg capacity and 800mm maximum lifting height; designed to be used to work as a lifting table, marshalling table, work bench or as a standard hand pallet truck.

Engineering Excellence

Enhanced Productivity: Manual high lift offers efficiency and versatility.

Higher Safety: Automatic activation of self adjusting stabilizers at loads higher than 400 mm, for greater stability.

Easy Loading: Loads can be easily placed at required work height.


Robust Stability: Slide stabilizers ensures equipment remains stationary while used as

Firm Anchoring: Supporting clamps in front of the rollers to reduce risk of tipping over.

Technical Specifications

Model Heavy Duty
Capacity (kg) 1000
Total Lift Height (mm) 810
Lowered Fork Height (mm) 85
Fork Length (mm) 1220
Width Over the Forks (mm) 550
Height of Handles (mm) 975
Steering Wheel (mm) 200 x 5
Fork Wheel (mm) 74 x 50
Truck Weight (kg) 112 - 115
Scissor Lift Hand Pallet Truck