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Quick and effective closure of polythene bags and layflat tubing.

Browse our wide selection of heat sealing machines: affordable price for an excellent quality. Each unit features heavy duty electronic components in a rugged metal body design. Some models, mainly used for the food industry, feature a stainless steel design. Impulse Sealers, constant heat designs as well as the very popular Continuous Band Sealers are among the machines which can be found here. Manual Impulse sealers and foot sealers are somehow limited by the maximum width the machine can seal.


For example our TP-450 Foot operated sealing machine will only seal bags which width is smaller than the width of the machine in this case 450 mm (about 18 inches) Continuous band sealers on the contrary, are not limited by the sealing width as the bag in this machine is sealed in a continuous path.


Our Total Pack continuous band sealer machines may also print useful information for your product. The "product expiration date" or "use before date" can be coded into the seal area during the sealing process. Band sealers may be found for both, horizontal and vertical applications.

Standard Available Heavy Duty Models

Check out the various models & variants & compare the feature & specifications.

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