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Heat Shrink Chambers

Heat Shrink Packaging Machine

Chamber-Type Shrink Wrapping Systems offer an all-in-one solution for most small to mid-scale applications. These simple to use units are used by commerce and industry to quickly and securely wrap their products. Our versatile Chamber-Type shrink units wrap individual products or bundles of all shapes, for product protection and excellent appeal.


To operate these units the product is manually loaded into the chamber. The chamber hood is brought down by the operator. At that time the machine takes over, wrapping the product around a bag and subjecting the item to a brief current of air that shrinks the bag forcing it to the product’s shape. One the cycle is finished the operator retrieves the product and repeats.


  • Extremely Easy to Use with no eprator training
  • Sealing Method: Impulse Sealer
  • Seals, Cuts and Shrinks in One Easy Process
  • Machine Speed: 500 – 800 pcs/h (depending on product and operator speed)
  • Maximum Seal Size: (22 Inches x 20 Inches x 9 Inches)
  • Chamber Size: (22 Inches x 20 Inches)
  • Max Roll Width 21 Inches
  • Height Adjustable Chamber Grille
  • High Output Convection System Can Shrink Center-Folded Poliolefin or PVC
  • Film Separator Tray with Adjustable Position
  • Movable Film Holder for Multiple Film Sizes
  • Electromagnetic Chamber Closure System
  • Film Micro Perforator Wheel
  • Nickel Alloy Heat Element
  • Rugged All-Metal Construction
  • Transparent Chamber Hood for Optimal Shrink
  • Braking Casters
  • Work Table Height: (850mm)

Control Panel

  • Master On/OFF Switch
  • Shrink Temperature Controler with Digital Display
  • Seal Time Adjust
  • Shrink Time Adjust Positioned for Easy Access

Other Specifications

  • Electrical: 220V/50-60Hz/1Ph
  • Electrical Consumption: 4 Kw
  • Machine Size: 54” L x 27” W x 42” H (1380mm x 690mm x 1065mm)
  • Machine Weight: 276 lbs (125 Kg)