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Silicone Coated Glass Fabrics – Silicone coated glass fabrics is coated in varying degrees of thicknesses has a high level of thermal conductivity so therefore is a good choice of material where heat retention is required. The material itself offers a high temperature surface with a high level of release.


Heat retention being a key feature for this material it works extremely well as a conveyor belt in shrink-wrap tunnels. Being able to hold heat in the belts surface for periods of time it successfully shrinks the shrinking film on the underside of products that may otherwise struggle to do so with other types of belting.

Silicone coated glass fabric also are used at heat shrink tunnel curtains, trapping the heat within the chamber very well.

Release and Separator Sheets for viscous processes and production in the Chemical, Rubber, Plastic, Electrical and Aerospace Industries all benefit from this material.

Due to its high surface release characteristics and is well suited for use on extrusion lines where rubbers, plastics or sticky products may stick to other belt surfaces.

Features and Benefits

Silicone coated glass fabrics have excellent heat, chemical and corrosion resistance, silicone coated fabrics and belts have high friction (grab). This improves tracking characteristics and flexibility making it an excellent choice for conveyors.

Material Properties

  • Hi – temperature resistant (up to 232 °C)
  • Excellent release properties
  • Good chemical resistance