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Manufacturing of high-quality products as well as optimum product presentation are some of the elements of modern packaging concepts. The Total Pack skin packaging system provides production and packaging solutions for economic production. The basis of the pack consists of a card printed on both sides. Top and bottom side of the card can be decorated with single or multi-color printing.


The transparency of the skin material (Surlin) in combination with a highly-transparent sealing layer enhances the print, of the card resulting in a high-quality, sales-promoting way of presentation. Shorter heating times are required thanks to the material’s good absorption properties. This results in shorter cycle times.


The card is coated with a primer so the plastics material will optimally adhere to the card.


Skin packaging is the ideal solution for manufacturing cost-effective packs. No follow-up investments in tools or conversion times are required. Ideal transport protection is achieved due to the excellent fixing of the products on the card. Count control of the content can be performed without opening the pack.


Moreover, the pack is an ideal information carrier with respect to the packed products. The entire card area (on both sides) can be used for advertisement or information purposes. There is also sufficient space to accommodate EAN codes and operating instructions.


Three basic systems featuring DIN-size forming areas meet specific customer demands.


Attractive packaging concepts, high product quality and – last but not least – good acceptance in the market call for highperformance and reliable machines to cope with the packaging volumes required.

Skin Packing Machine Model: TP 390

Skin-wrapping means to join an object strongly to a cardboard through a plastic film. This one, heated and "softened" by a radiating panel, will stick to the cardboard by means of a vacuum process and perfectly outline the shapes of the objects.

The TP 390 Magic Skin Wrapper is a semiautomatic system (with automatic frame descent + vacuum connection/disconnection) and need only an operator to work.

  • Easy and robust.
  • Low maintenance (periodical oil-change in the vacuum pump).
  • Suitable for thermoforming.
  • Available Stand with wheels on request.


  • Rugged All Metal Construction
  • Powerful Heat Oven
  • Infrared Heating Elements for Quick and Uniform Heating
  • Electronic Frame Movement (Oven to Vacuum and Vice Versa)
  • Free Rolling Roll Holder
  • Work Frame Size: 390 × 540 mm
  • Speed Up to 50-60pcs/hr
  • Oil Filled Vacuum Pump
  • Control Panel:
  • Master On/Off Switch
  • Vacuum Level Gauge
  • Heating Time Adjust with Digital Display
  • Vacuum Cycle Length Adjust with Digital Display
  • Manual-Auto Cycle Switch
  • Up/Down Frame Switches
  • Cycle Start Switch
  • Electric Draw Display (Amps)
  • Casters for Ease of Movement
  • Film Width: 20 Inches (500mm)

Technical Specification

Voltage 220V / 50Hz (3 phase)
Total Power 7.5 KW
Packaging Area 390 x 540 mm
Packing Speed 50~60 (pcs/h)
Package Material PVC PE Skin Packaging Film
Film Width 450 mm
External Dimensions (L x W xH) 950 x 700 x 1300 mm
Net Weight 220 kg