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Strapping Machines Service

Factory certified repair technicians guarantee the best repair possible!

Strapping Machine Repair and Services

Keeping your packaging and strapping machinery running at peak efficiency is critical to maintaining your plant’s productivity. Total Pack’s machine maintenance services are designed to keep your machinery running efficiently and prevent costly breakdowns. Our expert service technicians are committed to keep your equipment, and production line, running efficiently.

All our service technicians are factory-trained to service and repair the strapping and packaging equipment Total Pack carries. They will inspect your equipment and perform any maintenance that is needed to keep your machinery running and your production line on schedule. Total Pack’s technicians are trained to identify any potential problems with your equipment, and arrange for repairs before the machinery breaks down. This will allow you to schedule repairs to minimize the impact on your production schedule.

If repairs are needed, our highly trained technicians can perform the repairs at on-site at your location, or at our shop. Total Pack is an authorized warranty repair shop for most of the major packaging and strapping equipment brands, including Strapex, ITW, Packway and Transpack. Our repair center is fully staffed, allowing us to respond quickly to your call and get your machinery back in service as quickly as possible. In addition, we can offer loaners for machinery that cannot be repaired in a reasonable amount of time.

We offer a variety of maintenance plans that are designed to meet the different needs of our clients. Our customer service representatives can help you choose the maintenance plan that is best for you.

We know that you have selected the best brands for your strapping and packaging equipment, and will partner with you to ensure that it continues to run efficiently and with minimal downtime. And, we stand behind our products. It’s all in our name- we work hard for you, so that you keep coming back- Total Pack!