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Strapping Seals

Excellent value PP / PET tensioner tool for general use.

Our Strapping tools and strapping seals are designed to be used in packaging areas and shipping locations, strapping machines are often used to reinforce boxes for shipping or to bundle two or more boxes together.

At Total Pack we can help you in the selection of the proper strapping tools and seals for your packaging application. Our strapping tools and seals dispense, tighten and seal economical polypropylene strapping around packages or bundles.

Serrated Strapping Seals

Strapping Seals Manufacturers in Bangalore

Our serrated strapping seals give extra grip when required and are made to be used with 12mm / 1/2 inch wide polypropylene hand strapping, used with a combination strapping tool plus. Specially designed to produce more efficient and stronger grips than standard strapping seals, these seals are ideal for medium to heavy duty packaging needs. They help avoid strapping slippage which can sometimes happen under tension resulting in the plastic strapping getting loose inside the seal.

Supplied in a box of 1000, our serrated polypropylene strapping seals can also be used with a heavy duty tensioner and sealer.

  • Code EBKS12
  • Size 12mm
  • Pack Qty 1000

No need to worry that your polypropylene strapping will slip or become loose under tension! Our serrated strapping seals are designed to stop this from happening and secure your packages all throughout the transport process. The inside serrated pattern of the metal seals grip the straps more strongly, making them extra reliable.

Perfect for medium-heavy duty packaging applications, serrated strapping seals are very easy to use with heavy duty strapping tools. Simply place the seal over the strap ends that are overlapping while tensioning (or after) then shut it tight. For use with our combination strapping tool plus.

The serrated polyprop strapping seals are 12mm wide, making them ideal for poly hand strapping of the same width.

With these extra strong serrated strapping seals giving you maximum grip, you’ll be able to relax about your parcels’ security and protection. Make sure you add these seals to your packaging strapping tools essentials.

Semi Open Strapping Seal

Polyester Strapping Seals Bangalore

Designed for use with 12mm polypropylene hand strapping and a standard or combination sealer, our semi-open strapping seals are ideal for securing standard-size packages. The metal strapping seals are made from high quality hard steel to ensure the joints are strong and durable enough to withstand the harshest transport conditions.

When securing your loads, you’ll find the strapping seals slide easily over polyprop strapping. You just place the seal over the end of the overlapping strapping after or during tensioning and close it with a sealer tool or combination strapping tool.

Our standard strapping seals come in packs of 2000 for your convenience.

  • Code 12S
  • Size 12mm
  • Pack Qty 2000

Being in the packaging business is never easy. It seems like you can never get enough tools and solutions to totally ensure the safety of your parcels in transit or storage. Our polypropylene strapping fastened with our top quality strapping seals lessens this worry by efficiently securing your loads.

Made from premium-grade steel, our standard semi open strapping seals are ideal for a wide range of standard strapping applications using 12mm/ ½ inch poly strapping.

And while our polyprop strapping and metal seals are strong enough to secure your goods and palletised parcels, they are also very easy and convenient to handle as the strapping seals slide easily over the strapping. Use either a tensioner and sealer or a combination strapping tool to secure your package.

Just remember though that these particular strapping seals are designed for standard-sized packages. We also have heavy duty semi open strapping seals, while for additional strength you may require serrated strapping seals which can also be used very effectively with our polypropylene strapping.