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Stretch Wrap Films

Securely wrap products and pallets with superior quality stretch films.

Stretch Wrap, also known as pallet wrap is a simple process of wrapping boxes or items that have been accumulated on a pallet and then pulled tightly together by the force of the film wrapped around the boxes or items. This is much like taking a rubber band and wrapping it around your finger. The more you stretch the rubber band the tighter it wraps around your finger and the bluer it gets.


Our line of stretch films are made for performance and value. Total Pack distributes a full line of quality films in a variety of sizes for your specific needs. Hand grade and Machine Grades.


Our stretch wrap films are made , so as to use less film per load and maintain a high yield of product stability. Our Stretch films usually yields up to 200% stretch capabilities and are available in Hand size (grade) 45cms and 50cms or Machine (grade) 50cms or more .


Stretch wrap comes in a variety of sizes and gauges, from premium to economy grades .We have found that economy grades may cost less but the loss of stretch (yield) and strength more than offsets the slight difference in cost. When the customer uses more material of inconsistent quality for same job they end up paying more.

Benifits of Our Stretch Wrap Films


Protection from moisture, dirt and abrasion - Stretch film protects against these elements, safeguarding the goods it wraps.


Reliable performances - The security associated and with the holding performance, load retention and protection is readily evident.


Scan through optics - The superior appearance and clarity of our stretch film enables codes to be quickly scanned and read while protecting labels and codes printed underneath the film.


Ease of removal - Our stretch film only clings to itself and not surface; it does not produce clinging noise, thus making its removal fast, safe, clean and easy.