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Stretch Wrapping Machines

Our Stretch Wrapping is an efficient, cost effective alternative to protect and stabilize pallets at lower labor, time and packing costs.


Our Stretch Wrapping machines are state-of-art machine built to ensure most efficient and economic wrapping of pallets using LLDPE Stretch film. The film is pre-stretched by a pair of powered stretch rollers before wrapping. This makes it possible rouse film of different quality and thickness and stretch them without any reduction in width (neck-down).the pre-stretched film applied over the pallet in multi layers unitizes, secures and protects the load. The degree of protection offered can be varied to suit individual packing requirements.


The Machine has a motorized turn table, powered pre stretch unit and sturdy elevator. The cycle operation can be programmed and monitored through a micro processor interface which also gives digital display of stretch percentage and film consumption. All drives are through variable speed motors and highly reliable electronic controllers. It is easy to operate, very sturdy, user friendly and requires only minimum maintenance. Our machines are in regular use at various textile, foundry, food processing, bulk storage, chemical, rubber and other industries.

Standard Available Heavy Duty Models

Check out the various models and variants and compare the feature and specifications.

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