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Double Sided Tissue Tapes

Secure labels and bond materials with instant double-sided foam tape.

Double Sided Tissue Tape Manufacturers


We, Total Pack are the prominent supplier of Double Sided Tissue Tapes, Paper Tissue Tapes. Double Coated Tissue Tape is excellent for usage in a high degree of quick stick and exceptional peel is required. It is highly suitable for splicing because hand pressure is sufficient to transfer it to most webs. It is used for mounting nameplates, core start-up, laminating to cork, cloth or felt, and splicing papers, textiles or plastics.


Our company offers extensive range of Tissue Tapes, which are Double Coated Tissue Tape with an extremely aggressive synthetic adhesive system, used for splicing of heavy duty paper, corrugated and stock board. These are also very useful for mounting, laminating and bonding of various surfaces.


We also offer Reinforced Tissue Tape, Double Sided Tissue Tape with an extremely aggressive solvent acrylic adhesive system. Double Sided Tissue Tape has high tack, high shear strength, and conformability, outstanding resistance to plasticizer and high temperatures. It is very effective in high speed flying splice applications such as corrugated, wallpaper and other continuous web substrates. It is used for laminating foam and mounting nameplates.


We are the well-known supplier of Heavy Weight Tissue, with a high performance permanent solvent acrylic adhesive system which offers excellent shear and peel adhesion. This double coated tissue tape displays excellent UV, temperature and plasticizer resistance.

Features of Double Sided Tissue Tapes

  • Suitable use for plastic, textile, paper, PVC, foam (Sponge), printing finishing, sign making, fabric, card board, nameplate, interior decorative and so forth.
  • Not suitable use for both of solid and hard surfaces, as double-sided rubber tape is recommended to be used.
  • High initial tack, provide persistent performance and excellent wetting (grabbing) power to various soft and flexible materials.
  • Excellent performance of temperature 100 C (212 F )
  • Endurance in the condition of hot and cold and/or sudden change of the temperature.


  • Splicing
  • Foam lamination
  • Plastic film lamination/bonding
  • Medical/non-medical diagnostic test strips
  • Adhesion of plastics, plastic spacer and mylar film