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Triangular Postal Boxes

Easy to store, easy to stack.

Triangular Postal Boxes Bangalore

The distinctive triangular design provides extra protection for your documents, and ease of use. The unique shape means these white triangular postal boxes pack together and stack without rolling. Extra large sizes up to 1100 mm in length make these long postal boxes ideal for industrial plans or blueprints, long or cylindrical parts.


The triangular shape ensures a tough crush resistant postal box that is suitable for posting products or storage.

Quick to assemble and secure, these triangular postal boxes are easily constructed by folding along the pre-creased grooves and sealed with a tough self adhesive strip, there is no need for glue or tape.

Manufactured from single wall rigid corrugated board, with a kraft finish.

  • Handy packs of 25 boxes.
  • Store fl at and quickly assemble from one piece.
  • Locking tab, so no need for end caps or tape to seal.
  • Easy to stack and bundle, and won’t roll around.

Available Sizes

Code Size Details
WARDROBE 510 x 457 x 1220mm Hanging Bar - 18ins / 457mm
WARDROBE-24 610 x 510 x 1220mm Hanging Bar - 24ins / 610mm


IN STOCK - 10 sizes plus the choice of brown or white - ready to dispatch from stock.

Box Dimensions

Postal Boxes Bangalore