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UV Stable Stretch Film

Black Stretch Wrap Film Suppliers

UV Stable stretch wrap film is a clear, BLOWN maching film that provides maximum toughness and stretch ability. It has a loud release, high performance and excellent puncture and cling. Contains UVI additives. Recommended for prolonged outdoor applications and product consealment. UVI films can roughly last upto 3-6 months. Higher concentrations of UVI can guarantee the film to last 12 months.


  • Superior stretch ability, outstanding shrinkage memory, good tensile strength.
  • Moisture-proof, water-proof, dust-proof.
  • Even thickness, excellent purity.
  • Manufacturing with 3-layer co-extrusion technology.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • Superior puncture resistance, tear resistance
  • Exceptional load retention
  • Excellent cling holds film tails on loads
  • Perfect clarity allow for easy recognition of goods or reading bar codes
  • Stretch films keep products free of dust, moisture and dirt
  • Cast stretch films provide a smooth, clear surface that adheres to itself when applied 


Suitable for Paper, metal, plastic, chemical industry, building materials, food,medicine and other products packaging.


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