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What is Instapak Foam?

Spray Foam Packaging

The Instapak foam packaging is a combination of two components, that are combined at the moment of use, which causes a reaction, turning the liquid into solid foam. Component A is a Polymethylene Polyphenylisocyanate and component B is a Polyether Polyol Resin Mixture.


This product adheres to world class manufacturing (wCM) principles that ensure reliable and consistent product quality of our foam and custom foam boxes. This innovative packaging technique uses the liquid foam that hardens to perfectly encase an object for safe transit or shipping in custom foam boxes. The foam is set into the bottom of a shipping carton while setting. Next, the object is placed onto the foam, securely contained in a sealed bag, and as the foam expands to surround the object while it cures. This foam is a great solution for smaller objects such as vases and other breakables, and even good for larger items such as electronic equipment. This combination of components creates foam packaging and custom foam boxes that are fast, easy, and versatile. The Instapak foam packaging process allows on-site production, at Total Pack, of these polyurethane foam packages that can be used in a decentralized or on-line packaging operation. Ideal for cushioning, blocking, and bracing or void-fill applications, Instapak packaging and custom foam boxes provide excellent product protection against shock and vibration during shipping and handling.