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Model: ZP96A
Battery Operated Strapping Tool

Strap, Bundle Pallets, Cartons and Boxes Securely and Quickly

ZP96A Battery Operated Strapping Tool

For ease of use with a professional finish on hand strapping, nothing can beat this friction seal battery operated strapping tools. Conveniently battery-powered and therefore totally portable, it is perfect for general polyester and polypropylene packaging needs, applying straps of 9, 12 or 16 mm widths and various thicknesses. No need for separate strapping equipment, or seals as this tool does the job in one go with the minimum of effort. It can even be operated single-handedly.


Comfortable and convenient to operate, this battery operated strapping tools supplies a tensioning force of up to 4,200 N (depending on the quality of the strapping and package), which is ideal for most strapping applications. It can be supplied with a rechargeable battery.


This battery operated strapping tools is the answer when you want a professional and uniform finish without the bother or expense of a fully automated strapping plant. Even better, the strapping tool can easily be moved wherever required, indoors or outside.

Latest Technology

  • Brushless Motor: ZAPAK patented single motor design provides extremely long service life.
  • Li-Ion Battery: 18V 3000mAh high capacity rechargeable battery and Bosch 30 minutes charger.

Powerful and Speedy

  • Max. tension 420 KGS ( 4200N) - ZP96A heavy duty model.
  • Max. tension 260 KGS ( 2600N) - ZP92A standard duty model.
  • Patented strap grippers design contributes to high tension ability.
  • Single-handed operation performs automatic tensioning, friction welding and cutting efficiently.

Smart and Easy

  • Pre-programmed touch panel with digital signal to suit different operation needs instinctively.
  • Lightest model in same class of tools less than 3.5kg (7.7lbs incl. battery) relieves operation fatigue.
  • Special tool retreating device ensures smooth and  easy removal of tool.
  • Unique rear-end roller design prevents scratches or worn out damages on strapping objects.
  • User self-adjustable strap widths guiders and self-changeable wearing parts.
  • Optional hanger reduces operation fatigue.
  • Soft mode device facilitates lighter strapping tension force for light packages or fragile objects.


  • Single-handed operation conforms to CE safety directive and meets RoHS requirements.
  • Li-Ion battery complies with UN38.3 safety requirements.


Model Strap Strap Width Strap Thickness Tension
mm inch mm inch
ZP96A PP 16
0.75~1.35 0.029~0.053 40~420 kgs
( 88~924 lbs)
PET 0.65~1.35 0.026~0.053