Packaging Material Suppliers in Bangalore

Cardboard Boxes

Our comprehensive range of corrugated cases, boxes or cartons is designed especially to cater for a wide range of packaging needs. Every type of case is made from strong and durable rigid corrugated cardboard to withstand the most rigorous shipping procedures while providing a convenient packing material.


From bottle packaging, simple book mailers and dvd packaging to removal boxes and large cardboard boxes for shipping, these are efficient, functional and cost-effective packing solutions for both dispatch and storage.


As well as off the shelf products, we supply customised and made to measure cardboard boxes and cartons to meet your needs.


We have the ideal corrugated cardboard box for every packing purpose, whether for assembly, order picking, shipping or storage. Our single wall and double wall corrugated cartons / boxes guarantee to provide strong and sturdy packing materials while being cost-conscious. Supplied flat for convenient storage, they are easy to use which makes the packing process more efficient.


Whether your business is involved in lightweight or heavy duty packaging, we have a wide range of corrugated cases in different sizes to choose from. Our range of shipping and postal packaging boxes includes small cardboard boxes, foam lined cardboard cartons, mail order cartons and printers cartons. Specifically for storage and removal purposes, we supply cardboard moving boxes, archive boxes and wardrobe boxes.


Other cost-effective corrugated cardboard products include pallets, palletised containers and storage bins.


All are designed to protect their contents from damage as they are stored or shipped. To securely seal the corrugated boxes, see our range of adhesive tape, which also includes coloured tape for easy identification and warning tape for boxes with fragile contents.