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Carton Sealing Machines

Carton Sealing Machines, also called box tapers and case tapers, are used in many industries to increase production while cutting cost. A carton sealing machine (case taper) not only saves time and money in labor, it also creates a more uniform and aesthetically pleasing seal across each carton. A carton sealing machine will apply the same amount of tape to each box (of the same size), allowing you to reduce waste and forecast tape expense.


We offer different style carton sealers to fit your production needs. We offer Uniform Semi-Automatic , Uniform Automatic, Random Semi-Automatic and Random Automatic carton sealers.


All of our carton sealers come standard with in-feed table, out-feed table and casters at no addional charge.

Standard Available Heavy Duty Models

Check out the various models and variants and compare the feature and specifications.

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Carton Sealing Machine
Carton Sealing Machine
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Carton Sealing Machine