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Fabric Roll Wrapping Machine

Durability that can't be matched.

Automatic Fabric Roll Packing Machine India

Fabric roll wrapping machine is the most economical way of Roll packing. The Total Pack Fabric Roll Stretch Wrapping Machine is the prestigious “Pacmachine” award winner. It is used to pack rolls of many items like denim fabric, carpets, curtain cloth, paper, film etc.


Total Pack fabric roll wrapping machine offers the most profitable way to pack your valuable goods by saving in cost of film, labour and power. Total Pack machines are from the leaders in stretch wrapping and are in use at various industries all over India and Abroad. 


  • Highly economical and huge savings over shrink packing/gunny bundles
  • Suitable for packing any rolls of Denim Cloth, Curtain Cloth, Carpets, Foam sheets, Upholsteries, Fabrics, Film, Paper etc.
  • Occupies less space
  • High productivity 30 - 50 rolls/hour 
  • Tremendous savings in labour, time and money
  • Highly durable dust and moisture proof packing
  • Powered Pre-Stretch unit to minimize film consumption 
  • Variable stretch percentage up to 300%
  • Adjustable traverse to suit different roll width
  • Controlled film tension
  • Variable Overlap, Variable End Reinforcements, Variable Stretch Percentage and Variable Roller Speed
  • Digital counters for end reinforcement wrap setting, film consumption and stretch percentage display
  • Simple to operate, sturdy and safety control panel
  • Cradle for easy loading of film 
  • Easy loading and unloading of Fabric roll and ease of integration into conveyor lines
  • High energy saving-more than 90% saving over shrink wrapping 
  • Minimum service points
  • Payback period is only few months 
  • Excellent after-sales-service support 
  • 12 months warranty

Standard Features

  • Fully Automatic Machine.
  • Heavy duty turn table for all industrial applications.
  • Sturdy mast and machined guide ways for guiding the stretch unit.
  • Compact stretch unit with change gears to vary stretch percentage.
  • Suitable for a wide range of stretch film material.
  • Modular in construction

It is a real fact that for all those weaving industries where the production is huge, handling cloth rolls for local transportation or for exports, without affecting their Quality, will always be a problem, unless and until the above machine is introduced.

This machine is ideally suitable for large weaving mills manufacturing heavier and wider-width cloth rolls like Denim Fabrics, Carpets, Upholsteries, where cloth in Roll-Forms are to be protected from dust and moisture when in storage and in subsequent transportation. The automated operation cycle can be programmed and monitored through microprocessor interface. This machine saves huge labour costs as well as packing time apart from convenience while loading trucks / containers when dispatched from mills. Changing over from Shrink wrapping to this type of Stretch Wrapping, gives huge amount of savings in power costs, and hence its cost of investment is paid back within 'few months'.

It is easy to operate and very simple to maintain; it is sturdy and user friendly; it can accommodate even wider width - bigger diameter fabric rolls and stretch wrap them quickly. This machine is using 220 V, 1-phase, 15 Amps, and 1.5 kW power supply.



  • Rolls/Hour: 20-40 rollsWeight/ Roll: 400 kgs *
  • Roll Diameter: 600 mm *
  • Roll Width: 1800 mm*


  • Roller Height (above GL): 350 mm
  • Speed: 50 meters/minute
  • Maximum Stretch: 300%
  • Installed Power: 1.5 kW
  • Power Supply: 220V, Single phase, 50Hz

Film Details

  • Material: LLDPE - Stretch Film
  • Film Width: 250 to 500 mm
  • Film Thickness: 12-35 µ (23µ recommended)
  • Core Diameter: 76 mm
  • Maximum Film Diameter: 250 mm
  • Max. Weight of Film Roll: 15 kgs

Service Network

Total Pack. has strategically located office and distributors across the country to cater to your after sales service needs. With well trained engineers on hand, Total Pack. takes care of your service and maintenance requirements.