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Foam Packaging Manufacturers in India

At Total Pack we use Instapak Foam Packaging System to create custom packaging and custom foam boxes. This foam-in-place system is fast, easy and versatile. Our foam-in-place foam packaging process allows on-line, on-site production of polyurethane foam packages. Custom foam packaging and custom foam boxes provide protection against shock and vibration during shipping and handling, void fill, and bracing applications.

Custom Foam Packaging Foam-in-Place Process

Foam-in-Place Packaging is a unique process that is one of the most effective cushioning solutions available today for custom foam boxes. Technologically advanced, the foam instantly molds to the shape of your product and expands to fill the void space of your shipping container or custom foam boxes. Extremely compact, the system is quick to set up and will expedite the shipping process. The foam-in-place process at Total Pack begins when Instapak foam is dispensed into a carton lined with high-strength Instamate film. Then, simple cushioning or blocking and bracing processes are used for a variety of items in varying shapes and sizes. Then, the Instamate film is folded over and the product is placed on the rising foam. A second sheet of Instamate film is placed over the product and more Instapak foam is dispensed on top. This creates your custom mold, for your custom foam box. This means your products are safely protected and your customer receives your product undamaged.

Foam-in-Place Systems for Custom Foam Packaging

Total Pack uses an Instapak 900 Series System which is the most advanced hand-held foam dispensing system on the market today. The Instapak 900 Foam-in-Place Packaging System is suited for small to mid-size packaging applications. The Instapak 900 is compact, reliable and simple for us to use with self-diagnostic controls, built-in timers, electric operation with no compressed air, and the flexibility of adjusting the amount of foam dispensed for your application. Better yet, with the Instapak 900, Custom Foam Packaging guarantees foam quality for your custom foam boxes. Our electric metering pumps and self-diagnostic controls guarantee top quality foam that will be sure to protect your product.

Custom Foam Boxes and Custom Foam Coolers

At Total Pack we use our Foam-in-Place System to create custom foam coolers and custom foam boxes for cold shipping. These coolers are made with the dense Instaflex High Performance, with Resilient Cushioning foam concoction. Once the Custom “Cooler” is created, your product is packaged with CO2 and expressed shipped so your product remains at the proper temperature throughout the shipping process. Our temperature controlled warehouse also helps with product maintenance and assurance during the pack and ship process with custom foam boxes.

Benefits of Custom Foam Boxes and Foam-in-Place Packaging

Foam-in-place packaging is a fast, easy and versatile process for on-line, on-site production of protective Polyurethane foam packages. Using foam-in-place packaging speeds up the packaging process. The Instapak foam expands in seconds to form protective cushions, significantly improving productivity. Total Pack makes packaging your products easy by economically and efficiently protecting products of any size, shape and weight. Foam-in-place packaging is versatile, whether your packaging requirements are precision cushioning, high-speed void fill or heavy-duty blocking and bracing, Total Pack has a solution for you. Foam-in-place packaging is also key to protecting your products with custom foam boxes. The Instapak foam we use has unique cushioning properties that protect your products during shipping, warehousing and handling. What makes foam-in-place different from other foam inserts is that it saves you warehouse space because the foam expands up to 200 times its liquid volume, when, where and as you need it, significantly reducing the costs of storage and handling. Two 55-gallon drums of liquid components when combined can create a trailer-truck load worth of packaging material and custom foam boxes.