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Plastic Pallets

Convenient, lightweight and re-usable pallets without needing any extra treatment.

Even our plastic pallets are not as rigid as an oak board. But, when galvanized steel reinforcement is invisibly molded into the deck, the rigidity exceeds that of wood. Examine your handling procedures to decide if the load is always adequately supported by either the floor, conveyors, or other handling equipment. Also, consider whether a small amount of give in the pallet is a concern. Steel reinforcement in our pallets, ordered in the appropriate direction, eliminates deflection. In some cases it serves to redistribute the effect of point loading too. Consult a our representative.


Conveyor Systems

All our pallets can be conveyed on automatic systems and used in palletizers. The conveyor or palletizer must be compatible with the pallet. For example, long-runner pallets flow well on roller conveyors one way but may not when turned 90 degrees, depending on the roller centers and the width of the runners. Most our pallets were designed to flow on standard conveyors.


Pallet Rack Systems

Our pallets (with internal steel reinforcement) can be successfully used in “drive-in” or “edge rack” systems. The steel reinforcement in the pallets needs to span the distance between the edges of the rack. our pallets can also be used in conventional/selective rack systems that have two supporting crossbars. These racks might require our pallets to have steel reinforcement in the direction perpendicular to the rack’s crossbars.



Our solid-wall molded pallets withstand temperatures in freezer environments to minus 40° F (-40°C).

Load Capacity

All our pallets with the exception of the ‘export pallet’ have a static load capacity exceeding 10,000 lbs. (4,536 Kg) with even load distribution, and some are in the 20,000 + lbs. (9,072 Kg) range. The key to “moving load” capacity depends on load distribution and handling devices, not total weight. Point loading must also be considered. Internal Steel reinforcement allows 3000 + lbs. (1,361 Kg) loads in unsupported racks.

Why make the change to Plastic Pallets?

Plastic Pallets are replacing wood and other plastic pallets at an ever increasing rate in manufacturing and distribution environments. More and more companies realize that lightweight, splinter-free, recyclable plastic pallets are cost effective. Our Plastic Pallets are generally a capital investment and require cost justification. Here is a payback analysis to let you compare wood with our Plastic Pallets. To determine your Return on Investment, use 10+ years for the projected life of our pallets. (The life-time of our pallets will depend on the nature of your operation and the manner in which your materials handling system treats pallets.