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Steel Strap

The rust free strapping option for all weather storage.

Steel Strap Suppliers Bangalore

Steel strapping is heavy duty and secure, making it ideal for securing heavy consignments with sharp angles. The steel strapping conforms to sharp angles and awkward shapes alike, meaning that this strapping is ideal for securing, storing and sending any irregular consignments. Ribbon wound steel strapping coils contain less strapping than our oscillation wound steel strapping coils and are also lighter, making them ideal for the lighter duty user.The edges of the strapping are sheared and dressed for added safety. 

This steel strapping has been designed with safety in mind. Use our range of steel strapping tools to create a secure seal and cut with one of our safety cutters to prevent the steel strapping from springing back when cut.

Our range of steel strapping has high breaking strains even at lower widths, making it ideal for all heavy duty and industrial applications. The 13mm width has a breaking strain of 550 kg, the 16mm width has a breaking strain of 710 kg and the 19mm width has a breaking strain of 840kg. 

Advantages of Steel Strap

Steel strapping is the oldest type of strapping and this shows that it is a material that has been and still is heavily relied upon.

Steel strapping is also the strongest type of strapping available and it is used widely in the world of packaging. It has the highest tensile strength of any strapping material and this makes it suitable for a whole array of tasks.

There is minimal stretch wit steel and this makes it the best choice for lots of jobs where materials must be held firmly in place.


High tensile steel strappings are mainly used by the following Industries: cotton and jute, steel industry, export packaging, refractory bricks, tube mills, plywood and board.

Regular Duty Steel Strapping

Regular duty steel strapping is manufactured from cold rolled steel. All PAC regular duty steel can be used in manual and pneumatic tools as well as automatic steel strapping heads.

High Tensile Steel Strapping

High tensile steel strapping is manufactured from cold rolled steel and heat treated to maximize break strength and ductility. High tensile steel provides additional break strength and shock resistance for your toughest applications.