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Our hand strapping tools are designed to provide convenient and easy-to-use strapping applications so that you can secure carton packages and bundle goods tightly with the minimum effort achieving the maximum seal strength.


Our range of sheradised and plastic strapping sealer equipment includes the pairing of our strapping tensioner tool or bundling tool with the poly strapping sealer tool, an all-in-one combination strapping tool that tensions and seals, and the EBK combinational strapping tool used with serrated seals for the strongest sealing. The tools are ergonomically designed to easily tighten and seal the strapping around the load for total protection.


Securing loads and packages for transport was never more straightforward than with the aid of our range of hand strapping tools. A tensioner tool and sealing tool – or if more convenient, a combinational banding tool – enable you to strap cartons, boxes or crates as well as to unitise bundles, providing ultimate protection and security.


The affordable standard two-part tensioner and sealing tool are suitable for both vertical and horizontal polyester and polypropylene strapping, and are excellent for banding awkward shapes. They are used with buckles or seals.


Our tensioning tools with built-in cutters supply packages and pallets with the right belt tension needed for the strapping to stay in place. The lightweight combination strapping tool also has an integrated sealer to use with semi-open seals. The EBK combination tool is used with serrated seals for extra strength and protection.


All our strapping tools are ergonomically designed, safe and easy to use, which makes these hand-strapping tools convenient and ideal even for heavy duty applications.

Standard Available Heavy Duty Models

Check out the various models and variants and compare the feature and specifications.

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