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We offer a vacuum packaging machine, which is used to pack food products. The vacuum packaging increases the shelf life of products. The machine vacuums the products and the shape of the product itself comes out with the pack. The advantage of a chamber machine is that even the space surrounding the product outside the package is vacuumed. Vacuum chamber machines can also be used to pack products with a modified atmosphere. Very low residual oxygen figures can be obtained by first pulling a vacuum before the injection of gas.


Vacuum packaging machine is useful for packing cheese, meat, fish, diary products, peanuts, dry fruits, sea foods, coffee beans, pillows, PCBs, spices, instant food, bakery products, chemicals, electric components, pharmacy products, etc.


It is also used for the storage of fresh and frozen foods such as vegetables, fish, meats, and liquids such as stocks and sauces.


As a rule of thumb, Vacuum Packaging may extend a product’s shelf life by 3-5 times. The actual number may differ though, as the nature of the product and the cleanliness in which it is packaged will affect its usable life.


Some Vacuum Packaging Machines include Modified Atmosphere (MAP) Systems, which inject inert gasses into the container after air is evacuated and before the container is sealed. This protects the product being damaged by the crushing forces of the atmospheric pressure.

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Check out the various models and variants and compare the feature and specifications.

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