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Why Vacuum Packaging?

Vacuum Pouches Manufacturer in Bangalore

Vacuum Packaging maintain their freshness foods and flavor 3-5 times longer than with conventional storage methods, because they don't come in contact with oxygen.

Shelf Life of Vacuum Packaged Foods

Food Stored In Normal Shelf Life Vacuum Shelf Life
Large cuts of meat: Beef, Poultry, Lamb and Pork. Freezer 6 Months 2-3 Years
Ground Meat: Beef, Poultry, Lamb and Pork. Freezer 4 Months 1 Year
Fish Freezer 6 Months 2 Years
Coffee Beans Room Temperature 4 Weeks 16 Months
Coffee Beans Freezer 6-9 Months 2-3 Years
Berries: Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries Refrigerator 1-3 Days 1 Week
Berries: Cranberries, Huckleberries, Blueberries Refrigerator 3-6 Days 2 Weeks
Cheese Refrigerator 1-2 Weeks 4-8 Months
Cookies, Crackers Room Temperature
(periodically opening)
1-2 Weeks 3-6 Weeks
Flour, Sugar, Rice Room Temperature 6 Months 1-2 Years
Lettuce Refrigerator 3-6 Days 2 Weeks
Nuts Room Temperature 6 Months 2 Years
Oils with no preservatives, like Safflower, Canola, Corn Oil Room Temperature 5-6 Months 1-1.5 Years
Wine Refrigerator 1-3 Weeks 2-4 Months

Above table adapted by Tilia Inc. from Dr. G.K. York, Dept. of Food Science and Tech, U of California, Davis.