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Angle Board / Edge Protector

Protect against forklift and strapping damage.

Angle Board Manufacturers in Bangalore


Angle Board is a simple product that solves a wide range of packaging problems. Made by laminating recycled paperboard into a rigid right-angle shape, Angle Board provides edge protection as well as load containment, stabilization and uniform weight distribution.


Angle Board is the smart choice because it provides only as much protection as you actually need, offering versatility and adaptability unmatched by other packaging systems. Plus, it easily combines with other materials to create custom packaging solutions.


Angle Board is recyclable and environmentally friendly: it is a sustainable solution for your transport packaging needs. And, as with all our products, Angle Board is built to the industry's highest standard of quality, precision and consistency to assure you of thorough protection and proven dependability.


Angle Board is available in a wide range of sizes, configurations and options that meet a wide spectrum of needs. It can also be customized with printings.


  • This product is used in protecting whole pallet packing goods on long-term transportation. It also can be used with either strapped stretch-wrapped loads.
  • The leading material we used in the edge protector or corner protector is Grade B high-strength core board paper for making paper tubes or cores. The surface of our paper edge protectors is covered with a layer of kraft paper.
  • Dimensions : 50 x 50 mm(standard arm width), also could be customized
  • Thickness: 4mm,5mm, or customized
  • Length: Customized

Remark: We can supply different types of edge protectors in different sizes.

The Benefits of Angle Board

  • Capable to protect the edges of goods on pallets.
  • Improves load stability in storage and during shipment.
  • By preventing damages to your goods or products.
  • Makes pallets highly rigid for better stacking during transit.
  • Giving tighter wraps with no carton collapse,
  • Made of environmentally-friendly 100% recyclable paper

Standard Dimensions

Angle Board Suppliers
Leg Width (A and B) mm
Equal Leg Width
Thickness (C) mm Length (D) mm
25 x 25 3.0 As per Customers
35 x 35 3.0
40 x 40 3.0
50 x 50 3.0
65 x 65 4.0
75 x 75 4.0 and 6.0
100 x 100 6.0


Angle Board Angle Board Machinery Angle Board Manufacturer
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