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Cord Strap

Lighter and cheaper than steel strapping, but just as strong.

Cord Strap Supplier Bangalore

Corded polyester strapping is manufactured by gluing together polyester filaments giving it extra strength. Despite its strength and high breaking strains, this corded strapping remains six times lighter than steel strapping, making it a warehouse essential.


Use this strapping when securing heavy pallets, containers or for bundling industrial items. Corded strapping is very easy to use and tension thanks to our range of corded strapping tensioners and steel buckles. The steel buckles also allow the strapping to be re-tensioned, should the strapping slacken over time. No special tools are required to cut corded polyester strapping, simply cut with scissors. For extra safety, the strapping ends can be split in two and knotted after the buckle has been fastened.

Cord strap offers a number of advantages over traditional steel strapping. First, it's cheaper and six times lighter. And because it's made out of polyester it's chemical and weather resistant, and it won't rust or rot. Plus, it has a high level of retained tension without elongation, and it won't lose its tension should the load shrink. If you do need to re-tension it, well, that's easily done as well. It's also shock absorbent, and because there are no sharp edges or whiplash hazard, it's safer too. And after all that, the fact that polyester strapping can provide the same performance as steel is just the icing on the cake!

Sailent Features

Lighter and cheaper than steel strapping, safe for users and receivers, cost effective, does not damage your products, shock absorbent, high retained tension, chemical resistant, will not rust or rot, weather resistant etc.

Cord Strap Steel Buckles

Cord Strap Buckles Bangalore

These steel buckles work together with our cord strap to create a secure and safe way to bundle your products and consignments. Feed the corded strapping through the steel buckle and it will auto lock holding the strapping in place.

This allows the strapping to be tensioned at will and can be re-tensioned should the goods settle during transit creating slack in the strapping. These steel buckles are suitable for use with all grades of corded polyester strapping. These steel buckles are reusable.