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Masking Tapes

For holding, bundling, sealing and non-critical masking.

Adhesive Tapes Manufacturer in Bangalore


Total Pack offers a comprehensive range of masking tape products which have varying technical properties ranging from basic general purpose to high temperature resistance.


Designed and manufactured to the highest possible quality, our products are typically used to mask, protect, enhance and modify surfaces to improve their functionality.


Choosing the right masking tape for the job is simple with our colour coded range of products. With strengths ranging from permanent to repositionable and temperatures withstanding up to 160°C, our masking tapes have been designed to meet all your needs.

General Purpose Masking Tape

This is a premium quality product for applications where reliability is important. Ideal for temporary fixing, attaching or holding, this general purpose tape is the ideal accessory to have around the home.

Key Features

The crepe paper backing has been designed for conformability that will maintain integrity when formed around corners. Its good holding power means that it will not lift or curl which eliminates the need for rework and reduces waste. It also resists slivering and is easy to tear, making it a simple and reliable product to use.

Product Use

Our General Purpose Masking Tape is ideal for many tasks including paint masking, bundling, sealing, attaching, labelling, decorating and box sealing.

High Strength Masking Tape

Our high strength masking tape is the most durable product in the range and can be used for a number of heavy-duty applications. It has a stronger internal structure that can withstand high levels of tensile stress, provides excellent moisture and solvent resistance and won’t curl or lift at the edges.

Key Features

Our High Strength Masking Tape has a crepe paper backing for conformability that will maintain integrity when formed around corners. This key feature also makes the product easy to use as it resists slivering and is hand tearable.

The rubber adhesive used on the tape creates instant adhesion with good holding power that resists lifting, controls unwind and helps to reduce rework and waste.

Product Use

The features of this product make it ideal for bundling, palletising, box closing, reinforcing, coil tabbing, unitising, securing, flexible pipe reinforcement and other general use.

Low Tack Masking Tape

Using a specially formulated rubber resin adhesive, this product has a less aggressive bond which prevents the lifting of paint and other surface coatings. As well as being well suited to applications involving painted or lacquered surfaces, it is particularly repositionable and doesn’t leave any adhesive residue.

Key Features

Our Low Tack Masking Tape has specially formulated low tack adhesive properties which make it ideal to use on sensitive materials. The crepe paper backing is saturated for easy tear and means that the product will maintain its integrity when formed around corners. Its good holding power resists lifting and curling and ultimately helps to reduce rework and waste.

Product Use

Ideal for masking sensitive materials such as aluminium, titanium, treated woods, lacquered surfaces, coated surfaces, pre-painted or 2-tone projects and other delicate surfaces.